Vitamin C Pregnancy: Our Story

By Arturo Galindo, Cert. Nutritional Therapist

This is our vitamin C pregnancy story. My wife gave birth to our “vitamin C” baby in December 2019.

But what is a vitamin C baby? How did vitamin C help my wife during pregnancy? How much vitamin C did she take? What were the results before, during and after the pregnancy?

Here we tell it all. This includes what vitamin C supplements and doses we used during our vitamin C pregnancy.

We hope this information can be of value to other women looking for natural ways to support healthy pregnancies and babies.

Vitamin C PregnancyVitamin C pregnancy: Our story. Here I am with my beautiful wife and our "vitamin C" baby.

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Important:  Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is more than a vitamin.
Why? It regulates many functions in your body to make sure they're doing their best job in keeping you healthy!

Page Contents

   1.  Before Vitamin C Pregnancy
   2.  During Vitamin C Pregnancy
         2.1   Supplements we used
         2.2   Doses we used
         2.3   Something else
   3.  Delivery of “Vitamin C” Baby
   4.  Mom Health After Delivery
   5.  Baby Health After Delivery
   6.  Summary

Before Our Vitamin C Pregnancy

I’ve done vitamin C research for over 10 years now. My family and I have benefited in many ways from using enough vitamin C. 

We’ve also had 4 pregnancies before this one. But Lorena was not very consistent in taking enough vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Her supplemented vitamin C came from prenatal vitamins during prior pregnancies.

Why?  We did not know about the benefits of using vitamin C during pregnancy. I had never done any research in this area.

Despite this, our first pregnancy was very healthy. Our daughter Mariana was born at 40 weeks via C-section. But Lorena developed postpartum preeclampsia, or high blood pressure after childbirth. This was controlled with medication.

With our second pregnancy, things didn't go so well for mom. Our son Leonardo was born healthy at 38 weeks (also C-section). But Lorena developed postpartum preeclampsia  again and she ended up in the emergency room a few days after delivery. It was rough.

Leonardo and Mariana with their little brother.

Our next two pregnancies were miscarriages at 3-4 months. Despite the best effort of my wife's doctor, we lost 2 little ones due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. 

We then decided we would not have more babies, but a few years later Lorena was pregnant again to our surprise!

By this time, I had already done a lot of vitamin C pregnancy research.  We were ready to help her body better deal with the added stress of pregnancy.

During Our Vitamin C Pregnancy

So what did we do differently this time? Why did we decide to use enough vitamin C during pregnancy? 

I knew vitamin C would help Lorena better control heart disease. Why was I so confident?

Armed with this information we decided to follow the recommendations of the vitamin C experts.

What supplements we used during pregnancy?

In summary, below are all the supplements that Lorena took during her vitamin C pregnancy:

  • Vitamin C and lysine to help control high blood pressure (see doses below)
  • Prenatal vitamins 
  • Vitamin B3 Niacinamide 500 mg (once a day) 
  • Magnesium (as needed)

But here's something important. Lorena continued to take her high blood pressure medication... as recommended by her doctor. And I also knew enough vitamin C would help increase the effectiveness of her medication.

Here are the brands we used during her vitamin C pregnancy: 

  • Bronson's Ascorbic Acid crystals
  • Vitamin C tablets from Costco (1 gram)
  • Lysine from bulk supplements
  • Liposomal vitamin C and magnesium from Livon Labs

What doses we used during pregnancy?

In summary, here are the doses during her vitamin C pregnancy:

  • First trimester, 8 grams ascorbic acid, 5 grams lysine
  • Second trimester, 12 grams ascorbic acid, 6 grams lysine
  • Third trimester, 15 grams ascorbic acid, 6 grams lysine

Now, keep reading to find the specific instructions for each trimester. This includes how she divided the doses during the day and the frequency.

But before we go there, here are some considerations:

  • One full teaspoon of ascorbic acid is about 4 grams. One heaping teaspoon is about 5 grams.
  • Each dose of vitamin C and lysine were mixed in a half glass of water.
  • Lorena took  her doses on an empty stomach and waited 15 minutes before she ate anything.

First trimester

  • Morning and Night: Mix one full teaspoon ascorbic acid with half teaspoon lysine 
  • This is a total of about 8 grams of ascorbic acid and about 5 grams lysine daily

Second trimester

  • Morning: Mix one full teaspoon ascorbic acid with ¾ teaspoon lysine
  • Afternoon:  Mix one full teaspoon ascorbic acid only
  • Night: Mix one full teaspoon ascorbic acid with ¾ teaspoon lysine
  • This is a total of about 12 grams of ascorbic acid and about 6 grams lysine daily

Third trimester

  • Morning: Mix one heaping teaspoon ascorbic acid with ¾ teaspoon lysine
  • Afternoon:  Mix one heaping teaspoon ascorbic acid only
  • Night: Mix one heaping teaspoon ascorbic acid with ¾ teaspoon lysine
  • This is a total of about 15 grams of ascorbic acid and about 6 grams of lysine daily

Is there something else?

A few days during the vitamin C pregnancy (5 or 6 times) her blood pressure was creeping up and she did not feel right. Especially in the first trimester.

This is what Lorena did on the days when this happened:

  • Take more ascorbic acid powder with lysine mixed in water
  • Take one packet of liposomal vitamin C
  • Take one packet of liposomal magnesium

Liposomal is the strongest delivery form of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. The fatty liposomes protect the vitamin C (and magnesium) from the gastric juices. And it also ensures better body absorption. 

But I had read that there might be potential risks of taking liposomes during pregnancy. So we limited its use to only when we felt needed.

Delivery of “Vitamin C” Baby

Lorena had the last dose of vitamin C before going to bed the day before the C-section. We followed the doctor’s orders of not drinking any liquids after midnight. 

The arrival of Gustavo, our vitamin C baby, came the next day on December 17th 2019 around 1:20pm

Lorena’s blood pressure was normal before C-section. The surgery was quick and there were no complications.

One thing I noticed (since I was in the room with her) is that she was much more awake and conscious during delivery... despite the anesthesia and compared with the delivery of our first two children.

Mom Health After Delivery

Lorena was 43 years old when she had our vitamin C baby. She was almost 5 years older since her last miscarriage.

On her prior pregnancies, she started to walk about 24 hours after the surgery. But she needed my help to walk and clean herself.

With the vitamin C pregnancy, she got out of bed and started walking about 9 hours after delivery

The next day she took a bath all by herself. She didn't need any help.

She also resumed her doses of ascorbic acid as liposomal vitamin C for the next few days...  to avoid any stomach acidity issues that may have occurred after the surgery.

Two days after delivery, she was released from the hospital.

Here are the benefits compared to our previous 2 full-term pregnancies (also C section): 

  • Faster wound healing
  • Less bleeding
  • Better mood and feeling of well-being

After the hospital released her, Lorena had appointments with her OB at 2 weeks and then 1 month. The doctor was amazed about how fast the wound was healing and how clean it looked. 

Her OB released her six weeks after delivery. Her next visit is in 6 months.

Baby Health After Delivery

Gustavo weighed almost 8.8 pounds at 39 weeks (C-section). He was born Dec 17th and he's the healthiest boy!

He's a strong baby boy and he has no health issues whatsoever. Here's one of his first pictures!

Baby Gustavo

Lorena is breastfeeding as much as she can. Her milk production was low during all pregnancies. Vitamin C did not seem to make much difference for her in this area.

Is Gustavo taking vitamin C?  You bet!   He had his first dose the day after he was born.

How? I took a pinch of vitamin C in my finger and put it inside his cheek. It was so funny to see his faces!! 

He takes his daily dose of vitamin C in one of the following ways:

  • Inside his cheek
  • In the bottle
  • In the nipple when he’s breastfeed


We are so happy with the results of our vitamin C pregnancy! And we attribute this successful pregnancy to the proper use of vitamin C and lysine. 

Vitamin C helped Lorena's body to better deal with the stress of pregnancy and control complications related to pregnancy... like high blood pressure. 

But are there any risks in a vitamin C pregnancy?

Our experience tells us that vitamin C during pregnancy is very safe. And there's research done by the vitamin C experts that proves this.

But biochemical individuality is important. This means that every person is different. What works for one person does not mean it will work in exactly the same way for another person.

If you plan to follow this method, learn how much vitamin C your body needs. Also, share this information with your doctor and assess your current health situation.

What do you think?  We hope this information was helpful. Let us know if you have any comments or questions below.



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By Arturo Galindo
Certified Nutritional Therapist

I have used vitamin C and nutrition for over 10 years to end my chronic diseases and help my family stay healthy. Learn about our story.

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  • Vitamin C during pregnancy studies exist since the early 1900s. It increases fertility and supports healthy pregnancies and babies. We know cause we’ve done it!

    Vitamin C During Pregnancy Benefits

    Vitamin C during pregnancy studies exist since the early 1900s. It increases fertility and supports healthy pregnancies and babies. We know cause we’ve done it!

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