Vitamin C Nutrition Experts Reveal Therapeutic Benefits...

By Arturo Galindo, Cert. Nutritional Therapist

The benefits of proper vitamin C nutrition are many and they include the ability of ascorbic acid to prevent and control heart disease, cancer, infections... and also detoxify the body from harmful substances.

The vitamin C early pioneers have proved the therapeutic value of Vitamin C...  including Nobel Laureates, scientists and doctors

But the list of experts is very extensive. 

Below is an expanded list of today's vitamin C nutrition experts that also includes medical and nonprofit organizations.  

These people continue to work and bring awareness to this amazing natural substance... and help other people that struggle with chronic diseases. 

Keep in mid that this list is a very limited and incomplete list.

Vitamin C NutritionVitamin C Nutrition Experts that have researched and used enough vitamin C to fight diseases and maintain optimal health.

We've prepared this short video for you.  You'll learn what our site is about and how you can use this information to improve your health...

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Important:  Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is more than a vitamin.
Why? It regulates many functions in your body to make sure they're doing their best job in keeping you healthy!

Vitamin C Nutrition: Early Pioneers

The work of today's vitamin C nutrition experts builds on the work of early vitamin C experts and pioneers.  

  • Nobel Laureates who risked their reputation to bring to light the real benefits of ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C
  • Pioneer doctors who ventured in the use of ascorbic acid and helped people recover from many chronic diseases
  • Early researchers and scientists who thought out of the box. These scientists were able to remove the "vitamin mental block" that surrounded ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C Nutrition:  Today's Experts

Thomas Levy, MD, JD

Dr. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist and bar-certified attorney. He is a world-renowned vitamin C nutrition expert and has published several books. Here's the personal website of Dr. Thomas Levy.

The research work of Dr. Levy includes the impact of proper doses of vitamin C to cure disease. This includes the impacts of timing and duration of doses.

Dr. Levy has also documented the scientific evidence on the value of vitamin C to fight disease. This includes how ascorbic acid neutralizes toxins, fight infections... and also helps in the treatment of cancer and control of heart disease.


  • Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins
  • Stop America's #1 Killer!: Proof that the origin of all coronary heart disease is a clearly reversible arterial scurvy.
  • Primal Panacea
  • Stop America's #1 Killer

Matthias Rath, MD

Dr. Rath is a German doctor who has made several scientific discoveries in the field of medicine. This includes the connection between vitamin C deficiency and lipoprotein(a) to help control heart disease. 

Dr. Rath worked with Dr. Linus Pauling and became the first Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Linus Pauling Institute. He currently heads a research and development institute in nutritional and cellular medicine. 

He has published several scientific papers on the health benefits of micro nutrients to fight many diseases.  and is also an outspoken advocate for patient rights and for free access to natural health worldwide. 


  • Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks - but People Do
  • Victory Over Cancer

Andrew Saul, Ph.D.

Dr. Saul is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and is he's also the author of several books. This includes books on vitamin C nutrition and niacin.

Dr. Saul is also the publisher of the educational website,  the largest peer-reviewed natural healing resource. He’s featured in the documentaries FoodMatters and The Vitamin Movie.


  • Doctor Yourself
  • Vitamin C The Real Story
  • The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Diseases
  • Fire Your Doctor

Steve Hickey, Ph.D.

Dr. Hickey has a Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics. His experience is in biology, pharmacology, biomechanics and medical physics. He's published several scientific studies on vitamin C and is the author of several books.

Dr. Hickey has been in the front lines working with medical authorities to change the current ideas that result in the low RDA values for vitamin C.


  • Ridiculous Dietary Allowance (2005). This book discusses how the current RDAs for Vitamin C owes more to politics and prejudice than to science. It is an open challenge to the government experts that support the out-of-date RDA approach
  • Ascorbate, The Science of Vitamin C. This is one of my favorite books that clearly explains the science behind vitamin C and how it works inside the body. 

Owen Fonorow, Naturopath

Owen is an Orthomolecular Naturopath and the founder and director of the nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation.  He's also a graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a Masters in Business Administration.   Owen is the author of several peer-reviewed articles in alternative medicine journals. He's also the publisher of the website and a long-time vitamin C advocate. 


  • Practicing Medicine Without a License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease

Alternative Clinics

Riordan Clinic

The Riordan Clinic was founded by Dr. Hugh Riordan and benefactor Olive W. Garvey.  Its primary focus is the use of high-dose Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) to treat a wide variety of conditions. Their website contains a great deal of medical research to support the use of IV Vitamin C therapy. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Vitamin C Foundation

The non-profit Vitamin C Foundation is the world's largest source of information on vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Its mission is to increase public awareness of the therapeutic value of Vitamin C.  

Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine is a non-profit and non-commercial informational resource. It has an editorial review board comprised of many distinguished doctors and scientists. Andrew Saul is the editor in chief. 

Orthomolecular medicine uses safe, effective nutritional therapy to fight illness. Two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, Ph.D., coined the term Orthomolecular

By Arturo Galindo
Certified Nutritional Therapist

I have used vitamin C and nutrition for over 10 years to end my chronic diseases and help my family stay healthy. Learn about our story.

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